Forty-seven year old man with a wife (Rodie), three teenage daughters (Jessica, Rebecca and Sarah - all of them have hair of gold…like their mother), five dogs (Browser, Montana, Molly, Paeter and Little Dog), three cats (Miss Priss, Milo and Mickey), twelve acres. Georgia Tech graduate in 1983 (electrical engineering, but don’t ask me to do more than replace a light bulb - I’m a software guy, not a hardware guy), Western Seminary (now Phoenix Seminary) graduate in 1994 (”master” of divinity - you know, that white candy with pecans that’s a southern favorite). Also, surprisingly, holder of a Mensa-level IQ - I’m serious, yeah, it was hard for me to believe, too - go figure. Frustrated rockstar-wannabee, Jethro Tull fanatic, Bob Dylan student, Grand Funk and KISS for the moments I want to just play rock and roll. Drummer, guitarist, bassist, mandolin player, keyboard chord-plunker, and a fairly decent songwriter. More a professional than an amateur theologian, I suppose, simply because of the many hours and lost brain cells I’ve contributed to the pursuit of God, comfortable now with my faith and determined not to let literalists impugn the character of God simply to make their misguided bibliolatry-based houses-of-cards remain erect. Trying hard to remain civil in arguments around George Bush’s internets, but my refusal to suffer fools gladly occasionally makes me step on the wrong toes, and so I get banned from various websites who find it easier to do that than deal with me or what I’m saying (”Truth? You can’t handle the truth!”). Or course, banning me and deleting my comments winds up saying more about them than it does about me, doesn’t it? Good sense of humor and, yes, I can laugh at myself, and often do. If you pass me while I’m driving a car, I usually look like I’m talking to myself - which I often am, either that or singing and drumming on the steering wheel to whatever CD is playing. So pay attention to your driving - after all, one of us needs to be watching the road…

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